So I like his idea. i'm going to post here what my "starting points" are for the two things I want to improve on.

1. Tarot Cards - I used to have a decent understanding - never expert level and couldn't do readings without a book - of the cards. I want to be able to do a reading without a book. To that end every week I'll try to memorize one or two cards and then when he puts up his post I'll update which cards I memorized that week and what they mean.

2. Car Repair - I've got my beater car that I think I can squeeze some life from. Each week I'll try to advance a few fairly simplistic projects for each of them:

A. BMW (Hotwheels)

  • I want to replace the hood ornament as it's badly scratched.
  • It has a few superficial scratches on bumper I'd like to try to buff out
  • The Check Engine Light is on - I've already diagnosed and it's something with the air flow. I cleaned the MAF sensor today and noticed that the air filter was put in improperly when the oil was changed last. I'll change the oil filter - clean the MAF sensor again, and then put it all back together
  • The tire pressure imbalance sensor is on in the car. I'll get it to go off by finding the proper pressure for the tires online and fill accordingly. See if light goes off.
  • Oil change

B. Pontiac Grand Prix (The Rust Bucket)

  • Replace brakes
  • Windshield washer fluid doesn't spray - try to troubleshoot problems
  • Replace windshield wipers
  • Oil change

So that's where I'm starting from! How about you?